Why are we different than other HVAC companies?

I think our culture here is abnormal to the normal business world.  We want to have a place that is calm and quiet and peaceful, as at lest as peaceful as a place of business can be.  We want to help people and it’s one of the hardest things that we have to do when we tell somebody – hey our next available is you know three days away and not be able to help them that day, but it’s not it’s calm it’s quiet it’s peaceful but it’s not easy – the standards are high cause again we’re all in it together, we all have a role to play and it takes every one of us to get down the road, nobody gets where they’re going by themselves and so it takes all of us to get things accomplished.

Hey, let us go out on one date, let us do one service call and if at the end of that you want to go forward and go on another date, another service call and then I’m open for that but give us a chance, give us an opportunity to serve you and see if we don’t serve you well; if we do let’s go on a second date , if we don’t then I would love to hear feedback of what we did not do, how we did not meet your expectations to where we can make those changes because we want to make sure that every customer experiences a difference in what we do.

One of the things I try to encourage everybody that works with us is that when you’re talking to a customer make sure that we are giving them options and make sure that you’re looking at spending their money like it’s our money if we sell something today that’s great but if we don’t we consult you and we give you some good information that you can take down the road and apply later – we want to be able to do that too.  We want to be a source of information for you , but at the end of the day we’re gonna look after you and try to make sure we are spending your money like it’s ours.