There are hundreds of maintenance activities to deal with as commercial building owners or property managers. Why should you add to the long list by having to deal with your HVAC system when it breaks down?A preventative maintenance agreement offers professionals a way to manage the cost associated with building management or ownership while minimizing the downtime (and frustration of your tenants!) that go along with a breakdown. Switch from reactive mode to a more proactive model, and see your frustration levels and stress decrease.

Why Reactive Maintenance is Expensive

Ever tried to call someone on the weekend to fix a unit at your home? The expense can mount up quickly, especially as you have to make quick decisions — perhaps without having the time to shop around for the best solution. This can be the same situation in a commercial setting. It never fails; your air conditioner is destined to fail in the heat of summer or your furnace will suddenly stop on the coldest day of winter, and you’ll be in panic mode trying to find a replacement. Multiply the trouble many times when you’re a commercial building owner or property manager, as your options are limited and much more expensive.

Regular maintenance tasks are performed monthly, quarterly or annually -- and if ignored, will quickly result in reduced system efficiency and a rise in energy costs.

Be Proactive and Save

A short-sighted view by management may result in a cancellation of HVAC preventative maintenance agreements as a means to cut back on unnecessary costs, but facility managers should be able to make a case for a proactive approach by detailing the estimated costs associated with being both proactive and reactive. Documenting the energy savings that your facility receives through efficient energy usage may be one of the easiest ways to show the benefit of an ongoing investment in proactive maintenance. Regular maintenance tasks are performed monthly, quarterly or annually — and if ignored, will quickly result in reduced system efficiency and a rise in energy costs. Even something as simple as an air damper that is stuck in the wrong position could be negatively affecting the amount of energy required to run your HVAC system by reducing the flow of air.

At R&D Mechanical Services, we provide commercial Preventative Maintenance Agreements that ensure your complex mechanical systems operate smoothly and efficiently. Our regular maintenance includes functions such as lubricating components of the system, repairing, or replacing worn parts, as well as testing and adjusting equipment to ensure peak performance. Reduce downtime and improve the overall efficiency of your commercial HVAC system by scheduling regular maintenance.

Our professional and responsive team members are more than happy to answer any questions about how you can save money through preventative maintenance agreements or to support any of your commercial HVAC needs. We specialize in the ability to review your current HVAC setup and make any recommendations such as programmable thermostats that will not only save you money but provide your building tenants with a better overall experience. Contact us today to get started on your proactive maintenance approach!

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