Abacus Solutions Case Study – HVAC Cooling systems expansion



Abacus Solutions is a premier IT solutions, technology, and managed services provider based in Atlanta, GA whose clients include Wellstar Health Systems, Brooks Running, and the Cobb County School System. Facing growing demand for data center space, Abacus Solutions took a holistic view of the data center’s design and layout requirements for expansion. A key consideration included the additional air conditioning requirements needed to ensure new servers were reliable and on-line to continue to provide customers with data storage solutions.


Before the expansion project could begin, Abacus’ facility and IT managers had to address managing increased server density in a location with limited HVAC capabilities. Their need for more capacity and more powerful servers would generate higher heat loads which inevitably would lead to higher cooling demands. Abacus needed air conditioning systems capable of achieving zero downtime – ensuring operations could continue without interruption.

With the existing cooling infrastructure, optimal room conditions could not be maintained – potentially leading to equipment failure, loss of data, and ultimately, loss of service and customer retention. To prevent negative impacts to business revenues, profitability and operations, installation of a reliable backup system was necessary should a primary system failure occur.


Achieving additional capacity would not only impact room conditions within the data center but would also impact business operations. R&D Mechanical Services, Inc. evaluated the existing conditions within the data center and explored alternative approaches and technologies tailored to meet Abacus’ design goals and requirements. Utilizing an array of resources, R&D Mechanical Services, Inc. proposed and ultimately provided a customized solution that offered more value, achieved the required increased capacity, and provided redundancy in the event of a cooling system failure. The installation and commissioning of the new system was completed on a fast-track schedule, minimized disruption to staff and equipment, and maintained data availability with no downtime.


With the expansion of the cooling systems, Abacus was able to add an additional 75% capacity to their data center which generated over an additional $750k in annual revenue. The current revenue generated from this area alone is quickly approaching $1.5 million in annual revenues. The additional cooling equipment also allowed Abacus to more than double their server storage space leading to the acquisition and deployment of additional hardware and servers. The newly expanded data center has allowed Abacus more business agility to pursue more clients for their data storage and hosting services. While maximizing IT and real estate resources, the expansion and additions continue and room is available for additional growth in the current configuration.

“The reliability of the service R&D provides and the feedback based on continually being involved helps us to improve our cooling systems serving the data center as well as the sales office and tech center. The runtime data and feedback from the controllers for the data center equipment allows us to see issues ahead of time and resolve them in a timely manner. These are all key benefits any data center owner or manager can appreciate. “
Rob U. –Abacus Solutions, LLC.