We are a family owned and operated residential and light commercial HVAC contractor based in Canton. We are committed to giving each customer the best service possible at a fair market price. We strive to live and work with the highest standard of honesty and integrity, never leave a customer unhappy with our services, and only perform the services that are required to meet each customer’s needs so there’s no reason to go into a Georgia summer unprepared.

When you take your car to get an oil change, one part of their service is usually to disclose current and potential problems discovered when inspecting the engine. Making affordable and necessary adjustments now that could save you from expensive, unexpected expenses in the future will actually save you money. Before each cooling season, it is recommended that central air conditioners get a professional tune-up. This is the biggest step to preventing major malfunctions in an A/C unit. R & D Mechanical Services, Inc.’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes a complete visual system inspection and documented system recommendations to aid in minimizing future complications with the performance and operation of your HVAC system.

You can think of HVAC efficiency in terms of Miles per Gallon (MPG). By “maintaining” your car with the recommended tire pressure, oil changes, and other engine tune-up procedures, its MPG is optimized. Your home’s HVAC system is the same. Having Seasonal Preventative Maintenances performed on your HVAC systems optimizes your home’s “fuel” efficiency and reduces your electrical consumption.

Probably the most important step that can be done by a homeowner is to clean or replace the HVAC system’s air filter every three months. Do not run the unit with the filter removed. Check the owner’s manual for filter cleaning procedure. Let a washed filter dry completely before reinstalling it. Every month, especially during the summer months, remove any leaves or debris from around outdoor condenser units. Some additional energy saving tips for the summer months include setting your thermostat higher for periods when you are away from home, checking around windows & doors for any gaps or leaking air, minimizing the use of doors leading to garages and making sure that the stove exhaust is on when cooking.

Our goal as your heating and cooling provider is to provide top-notch professional system recommendations, not as a way to sell you something, but as a necessary customer service to ensure the utmost safety and continued comfort for you and your family. By properly maintaining your HVAC systems, we can help to ensure that your family experiences a safe and comfortable home environment year round.

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