LCBS is an acronym for Light Commercial Building Solution. If you’re an owner or facility manager of an office building, factory, or warehouse, or are responsible for making HVAC upgrade decisions for a school or church, read on. Installing an LCBS system has many benefits, but the main benefit is that it can keep your property’s HVAC system operating at peak efficiency.

Honeywell is one of the companies that has seized the technology to create a remote HVAC monitoring and diagnostic tool. The LCBS Connect was launched in 2017 and uses a cloud-based connectivity. This allows HVAC contractors in constant touch with the buildings they service, anytime and from anywhere.

LCBS Connect™ And Your HVAC Contractor

LCBS Connect consists of multiple components and sensors that your HVAC contractor can quickly and easily install. Once in place, it will deliver real-time operational and diagnostic information to multiple remote access platforms. If potential problems are detected, they can act proactively and provide a faster service response. Your HVAC contractor may even be able to correct the situation before it impacts those working in the building. And in the event of an actual service interruption, he will have a head start in getting things up and running again.

Installing an LCBS Connect™ system facilitates proactive maintenance, which in the long run will have a positive effect on the financial well-being of your business.

LCBS Connect™ and You

As a landlord or facility manager, you retain control over the building’s heating and cooling. When setting it up, you and your provider work together to set the parameters that determine which situations trigger alerts. Furthermore, you always remain in the loop. LCBS Connect’s Occupant View screen lets you monitor your HVAC system anytime you wish. Since it’s scalable, this goes for multi-building facilities too, making it much easier to manage apartment complexes, school campuses, and office parks.

Cloud-Based Connectivity and Proactive Maintenance

The dawning of the age of the internet sounded a death knell for the days of reactive maintenance. No longer does a landlord or maintenance manager have to wait until calls from uncomfortable tenants let them know there’s a problem with the building’s heating and cooling. LCBS Connect systems are in constant communication with heating and cooling systems. Your HVAC provider will also receive an alert from the LCBS Connect system that a system is working outside of the parameters it was set for.

In the Long Run

Installing an LCBS Connect system facilitates proactive maintenance, which in the long run will have a positive effect on the financial well-being of your business. Not only will satisfied tenants be more apt to renew leases, or comfortable employees be disposed to work more productively and efficiently, but you’ll see cost savings to the company by reducing emergency calls.

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