Last year was our first year doing the Haiti Shoebox Drive as a company and involving the community. We had a great turnout for the event, and we packed over 100 shoeboxes! This year our goal was 1000 shoeboxes which seemed impossible, but with help from community partners, we were able to reach that goal. We reached out to our partners early in the year to start collecting items for the shoeboxes, and we were completely overwhelmed by the response we received. For the shoebox packing party we had 72 volunteers help us get the 1000 shoeboxes packed. We’ve already been talking about a goal for next year’s event.

Many people ask why Haiti? Robbie and Dana were introduced to the organization New Missions several years ago at a church they attended. Robbie and Dana personally sponsor a set of siblings. R & D Mechanical corporately sponsors a set of siblings as well. Robbie and Dana have been able to go to Haiti multiple times on mission trips since 2012 and have met their sponsor children. They just fell in love with the people there.

Dana shares, “The people have such a joy it’s incredible! For Robbie and myself, it’s like a reset button it reminds us how fortunate we are but at the same time shows us how selfish e are. There are people there living without a roof over their head yet they have a smile on their face.”

New Missions has been serving in Haiti and the Dominican Republic for over 30 years and has a great reputation. That’s why we do Haiti. We love being able to put together a simple shoebox filled with items. Knowing that what we’re doing is bringing joy to a child’s life is an incredible feeling.

To find out more about New Missions, please visit their website. From their website, you’ll see many ways to get involved in what they’re doing in Haiti and the Dominican. You can also learn how to sponsor a child.

Interested in contributing to next year’s event? Give us a call today at R & D Mechanical to learn more!