Comfort in Connection

These words are becoming more and more common in today’s society. We have come to rely on technology to remain connected; we consistently search out and discover new ways to connect our lives with others and our homes. Many of us have the “app” on our Smart Devices when it comes to managing our budgets, our grocery lists, our satellite or cable tv service and our home security system settings. What if you had the “app” to help you manage your home energy bills? Or have your HVAC system notify you that you have no heating or cooling in your home?

Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Services, supported by their exclusive RedLINK™ Wireless Technology – and their full-suite of wireless-enabled comfort systems – allows you as a homeowner to connect to your home anytime you are away through your PC, smart phone or tablet. Both the Honeywell TrueEASE™ Fan- Powered Humidifier and the Honeywell VisionPro 8000® we’ve introduced previously are RedLINK™ Wireless Technology compatible devices. Once you have registered through the Honeywell RedLINK™ Internet Gateway you have the ability to customize your system and alert settings as well as download the mobile apps. Depending upon the combination of products installed from the RedLINK™ suite, homeowners are able to program schedules, view and change your HVAC system settings (heat, cool, fan, humidification, etc.), view & set the temperature in the house, receive temperature & humidity alerts via the web, access over 90 system alerts via the web and get automatic upgrades as new features are made available.

Returning home from a trip later than expected? With the Total Connect Comfort Service you have the ability to access your home thermostat and make adjustments to your programmed setting in order to save on energy bills by not heating or cooling an empty home. The Total Connect Comfort Service also has the capability to store data logs of your system’s operation, not only alerting you while you may be away that you have no heating or cooling but allowing for system analysis enabling you to make a call for service or replacement prior to a complete loss of heating or cooling.

You can count on Total Connect’s system performance alerts for peace of mind and a level of awareness that is unmatched. You will be able to remain connected to your home whether you are at a neighbor’s house, a soccer game or half way around the world. Via the web portal or the mobile app, you are able to establish and adjust alerts to monitor the comfort of your home based on the needs of your family. Because you are receiving alerts instantly when there is a problem or deviation from your programmed setting, you can make a decision immediately and take action if necessary, potentially avoiding costly damages in your home.

As we continue to lead fuller and more enriched lives, sacrificing your family’s comfort doesn’t have to be an option. Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort Services, allows you to remain connected & manage your home comfort while leading an active life.